Renewable Energy Company in India

About Revayu

Revayu is a clean tech startup providing easy access to affordable & reliable source of power. Our newly designed hybrid systems can provide reliable source of power for almost 24 hours. We believe that neither of the technologies like wind & solar alone can provide the desired power output.

Revayu has integrated with best of the globally available technologies and synergized them in an unique way and yet making it an indigenously manufactured product.

We provide customized power solutions to varying needs of the user. Many of the global leaders have entered into a strategic association with Revayu.

Each day we are breaking barriers towards mass adoption of clean energy by spreading awareness, building communities, creating financial incentives, and delivering cutting edge technology. We innovate relentlessly to deliver the most advanced products and solutions that are fundamentally changing the future of energy.

Why Us?

We provide consultancy solutions ranging from wind to wind-solar hybrid solutions for any kind of telecom tower in the country. We have strong network of partners that can execute the work quickly and reliably.

Our young team is full of energy and compassion to provide their services for a big shift in the telecom industry for adopting clean energy solution rather than using conventional system.

Our job is not completed after successful commissioning of our product. It is till the point when the client (telecom company) says that the work is according to their expectation and satisfaction.

We think not only for our development but also for our client’s development after the product installation. After the completion of project, we look for any added advantage we could provide to our client so that they can save more using our product.