For Hybrid Energy in India

Meeting the Increasing Demand For Hybrid Energy in India With Solar & Wind Power

In the present times, it has never been clear that we should be effectively discovering for an alternative renewable or natural energy source in a manner to lessen the threats of global warming also abstaining depleting certain natural materials. As a country, we are utilizing more energy than ever so it is a fact that we must be moving to energy sources that are environment-friendly. Using solar & wind can be a cost-effective method for renewable and clean energy for your business or home.

Every year the land masses, oceans and earth’s atmosphere receive roughly 3,850,000 exajoules of energy directly from the Sun. When this is considered anybody should be able to begin to start precisely why the solar industry is drastically working to enhance procedures to tackle solar power.

Just in 30 years demand of India’s energy has grown at 3.6% pa. According to the report of the International Energy Agency, India is supposed to turn into the second-largest coal producer all over the world in order to meet the energy needs, its impact on the atmosphere, which is constantly degrading. So, the only option ahead is the hybrid power system and the nation needs to develop fast changes to support that.

Current Scenario

According to the International Energy Agency’s report, India’s basic energy demand will get double by 2040, crossing the energy demand in countries like China. Today’s energy requirement in India is ~172 GW, what’s more, despite the fact that India’s absolute installed energy limit is twice that, there is as yet a deficit of – 1.4% (in Oct 2018).

Factoring in non-renewable energy source’s constrained reserves, it is straightforward that the deficiency will only rise. Also, this constantly shows that shift to solar & wind energy is the correct choice for India.

Understanding the advantages, nations are joining the race to hybrid energy with the main power grids. Since it has turned into a race, India needs to develop quicker efforts at leading the solarisation.

Way Ahead

The prediction of future and rising energy demand can be as a boon for India if we focus on manufacturing hybrid-based energy. We should give priority to manufacturing not importing.

Currently, developing countries like India can put the benefits of utilizing initiatives like ISA (International Solar Alliance) to use strategic support, financial support, technology exchange that can assist in renewable energy adoption. Revayu Energy knows the importance of solar& wind power for the increasing demand for energy in India that’s why we are manufacturing the best in class solar panels and other types of renewable sources like wind turbines and others.

We are developing the best renewable energy sources to make India self-reliant, economically stable, and good in trade relations with other nations.