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Small Wind Turbines Can Contribute Big in the Production of Wind Energy in India

India is the fourth largest installed wind power capacity in the whole world. Started from December 1952, the wind power has emerged a lot in the terms of power generation and spreading. India will soon overtake its opponent if it keeps growing at the same rate. At this time, the Indian government has estimated about 45000 MW of wind power installed in the country. Most of the highly productive wind energy plants are on the Southern side of the country. Indian is promoting itself in this area but only focused toward large scaled wind turbines instead of small.

India has lots of small farms and many suitable places where small wind turbines could be installed and generate lots of wind power for the country. However, the power generation of big wind turbines is more but we cannot neglect the effectively of small turbines. There are lots of advantages of using small wind turbines which are not possible to have if we install big ones.

India is the land of farmers and there are more than 100 million farmers available in the county. It is possible to install small wind turbines to patronage small farmers in India and help them by giving them a way to get a free source of electricity. This will give them a better push towards a prosperous living. Instead of producing electricity by generators and other polluting methods, it is good to adopt clean and green methods to do it.

According to the records, to install a large wind turbine, it will cost about 50,000 to 60,000 Indian Rupees, but if focus towards small turbines and install them in a systematic way, it can cost around 16,000 to 18,000 Indian Rupees. These small turbines will be capable of generating overall power more than a single turbine if we take overall cost percentage of both. So, by opting for small wind turbines, its power generation will be more cost effective and highly productive for us.

Even after sitting on the 4th place in the world for the wind energy generation, India is not so much forward in aerodynamics and wind energy production. If we use our resources effectively to produce this renewable energy, it will be very much beneficial for us and our upcoming generations. There are lots of other reasons for installing small wind turbines instead of big ones.

If India Revayu Energy understands the power of this renewable energy and effective ways to use it like other European countries, lots of ways and possibilities to solve financial problems will be there very soon.


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