Wind Turbine with Battery Storage

Wind Turbine with Battery Storage

India is presenting a potential investment opportunity of US 50 billion in battery storage facilities This could help integrate renewable energy into the grid, replace polluting diesel fuelled Power and boost electricity mobility. As said by Mr. Andre Gluski CEO of American Energy company AES Corporation.

Batteries used in for energy storage applications, such as renewable energy systems comes in different shapes and sizes and can be made up of various chemical combinations. In the past lead-acid batteries were the most common battery type used in off-grid and hybrid energy storage systems.

Battery storage allows you to store your hybrid power wind and solar ready for using it either day or night, helping you to save more on electricity.

Battery storage is readily scalable and can respond in milliseconds. It can be located either behind the meter, as part of a hybrid site smoothing generation output or providing back-up power, or in front of the meter providing electricity grid services. Behind the meter batteries may be combined with renewables or fossil fuelled plants in order to reduce potential grid integration challenges, reduce grid connection capacity requirements, and for a variable generation, reduce balancing costs and allow access to revenue from the provision of grid services. Storage may facilitate an energy intensive industrial user’s participation in the demand-side reduction market or provide important back-up power for critical processes. Off-grid industrial users may also find battery storage an interesting proposition, lowering power costs and reducing reliance on diesel supplies.