About Revayu Energy

Revayu Energy is a clean tech startup providing easy access to affordable & reliable source of power. We provide customized power solutions to varying needs of the user. We started as a wind energy company and have now grown into a company providing hybrid solutions. We believe that neither of the technologies such as wind & solar alone can provide the desired power output. Our clients wanted to have reliable power both in day and night. With solar mainly providing power in the daytime and wind providing power at night time, now clients have power round the clock which reduces the power storage cost. Indian market is very diverse for having different types of regions having varying wind speeds. Therefore, Revayu has launched 6 blade low cut in low RPM wind turbines working on as low as 1.5 m/s wind speed. Even a slight breeze of air will provide enough torque for wind turbine to start producing power. Therefore, increasing the efficiency of the wind turbines.

Our newly designed hybrid systems can provide a reliable source of power for almost 24 hours. In this system we have used foundation less towers with 6 blade wind turbines and solar panels. The entire project was installed in record time of just 24 hours. This system is best suited for Industrial & residential rooftops. The hybrid systems can be provided in Off Grid &On Grid modes.

Revayu Energy provides power to telecom towers by installing wind turbines at the tower top thus reducing the cost of wind turbine tower ensuring faster ROI for the end telecom client. Existing off grid telecom towers are running on diesel- solar hybrid along with battery systems for storing power. However, with the introduction of wind turbines for telecom towers in high wind potential areas, Revayu Energy is able to eliminate the use of diesel generators completely. We provide energy to Telecom towers on RESCO model also. With the government of India mandate for converting all diesel operated towers DG free by 2022, there is tremendous pressure on telecom tower companies to eliminate DG completely by 2022.

Revayu Energy installed small wind turbines on telecom towers in Rajasthan, India. Our small wind turbines are designed to generate clean energy and reduce the carbon footprint of telecom towers. By installing these turbines, we are  helping telecom companies reduce their dependence on traditional sources of energy and move towards a more sustainable energy option. The small wind turbines are highly efficient and can generate electricity even in low wind conditions, making them a reliable source of renewable energy. This initiative is a great example of how technology can be used to create a greener and more sustainable future.

The telecom tower had been relying solely on grid power, which resulted in high energy costs and frequent power outages. The micro wind turbine installation helped the telecom tower reduce its energy costs and improve its energy efficiency.