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Nowadays we are facing a considerable increase in demand for renewable sources of energy. This might be due to factors such as the rapid increase in terms of energy consumption the limited existence of fossil fuel resources or the soaring cost of fuels itself. The constant degradation of the environmental condition reinforces that necessity. In the recent times, renewable energy sources are considered alternative for the fossil fuel energy sources.

The Use of Renewable Sources

The most common application of renewable energy is the generation of electricity. Wind and Solar are considered the more promising renewable energy sources and are widely used in many countries for standalone applications or connected to a utility grid.

The advantage of renewable energy is the fact that they require less maintenance when compared to traditional generators and they do not pollute the environment and produce clean and green energy.

Hybrid Systems

A combination of two or more renewable energy sources is more effective than the single source system in terms of cost, efficiency and reliability. We can easily reduce the need for fossil fuels by choosing a combination of renewable energy sources.

The combination of two or more energy sources, working together in order to compensate for each other is designated as a Hybrid energy system. The main advantage of a hybrid energy system is the enhancement of reliability of the hybrid energy system and cost-benefit of the system. Due to the fact that some renewable energy sources such as Solar Radiation and Wind are, most of the times, intermittent, and they are frequently combined with other power sources such as utility grid and diesel generators. The objective is to ensure the continuous supply of power.

Wind and Solar hybrid systems have the main advantage the way they complement each other and the fact that they are exclusively renewable energy resources. The behavior of solar radiation throughout the day follows an approximately constant pattern of production, reaching its peak at noon decreasing until sunset. The wind generator can serve as a complement to the system, in the periods where there is low or non-existent solar radiation. This characteristic gives this type of system a greater reliability in the matter of the continuity of electrical production over time.