International Workshop NIWE Chennai Dec 2018

International Workshop on Small Wind Turbine – National Institute of Wind Energy, Chennai –December 2018

Revayu Energy participated in an International Workshop which was held in National Institute of Wind Energy, Chennai coordinated by NIWE & Wind Empowerment, UK group from 30th November 2018 to 9th December 2018.

The aim of the workshop was to bring a wide national & international audience under one umbrella to build, learn and compare global small wind turbine know-how. The main objective of the workshop was the exchange of open source technical advances, share experiences and discuss global best practices to enable the technology to expand rural wind electrification globally, with a particular emphasis on India. Creating a network of wind turbine installers will facilitate the scaling up of the technology in remote rural India with an emphasis on productive solutions. This will also leverage the localized research solutions that continues to shape and sustain this rapidly evolving sector.

Revayu Energy interacted with many experienced international trainers from 40 countries around the world who holds the experience of years in the same field. More than 120 international and local participants participated in the event to have hands of experience in making 1Kw wind turbine generator having of stator and rotor, making moulds for the formation, developing blade designs and manufacturing them with wood, carbon fibre & fibre glass. Later, we developed skills in understanding power electronics of small wind turbines such as power rectifiers/converters, data loggers & wind charge controllers. The best learning came from when we developed all the components with our own hands and then later assembled them for a successful test running. The moment it rotated and generated 500 watts of power that was the moment of satisfaction for all the hard work done by all the participants in the 9 days of the exhaustive workshop.

Revayu Energy show cased its India’s first foundation less tower in the workshop for which many participants appreciated us and showed interest towards procuring the self standing towers for the company for having fast, cost effective tower installations.


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