Revayu Energy

Revayu’s Hybrid Solution for India

Combination of wind & solar energy solutions is the fastest growing & sought after hybrid energy solution in the World. The advancements in the micro wind energy solutions have paved the way for this growth. If you are looking for affordable yet most technically sound hybrid solution then perhaps you have landed at the right place. Revayu Energy is one of the leading solution providers for hybrid energy. We are into manufacturing windmills which are not only technically of very high international standards but are also cost effective. Revayu installs India’s First Foundationless 6 blades wind and solar hybrid system in a record time of just 24 hours. We are investing a lot of time with our R & D team to give you the most effective renewable energy solutions.

At the forefront of the renewable energy sector, Solar and Wind play a very important role globally. It has been proved that neither Wind nor Solar individually have failed to deliver the desired results. But the moment we go hybrid both Wind & Solar complements each other very well as collectively both ensure that energy is produced round the clock.


Today, the need is not only an affordable energy solution but also a reliable one. Reliability in renewable energy solutions refers to low maintenance solutions with minimum manual intervention so as to deliver as per commitment with consistent round the year output on long term basis. Hence, our solutions are most comprehensive and reliable in nature incorporating best of the global technologies but at the same time customized according to the Indian needs. Moreover, our technically sound team & deep understanding of each & every minute aspect of our energy solutions, form the very basis of our reliability.

Consumers seek solution providers who understand their world, and they want to feel like they’re with a company who cares about their needs &what exactly they are looking for. Few of the global leaders & pioneers in the renewable energy sector have already entered into strategic alliance with Revayu Energy and joined our vision & pursuit, to add to its reliability.


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