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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Wind Energy

Wind energy generation is a popular technique which converts wind energy into electricity. To do this, huge or small wind turbines are used. You must have seen these turbines, or you might be heard about them once surely. But are you aware of some interesting facts about wind energy? In this article, we have put together 10 things about wind energy which will amaze you for sure.

Wind Energy is Affordable

As compared to other types of energy, wind energy is the cheapest one. Because it is clean and green energy, the cost is very low. In some countries, its prices are lower than 2 cents/KWh.

Everything depends upon the height

Making the turbines taller actually increases the power generation a lot. It helps them to reach the dense levels of wind and get more power to rotate the turbines.

Wind Energy is Environmental friendly

We know this thing very well but did you know more than 1500 tons of CO2 can be eliminated per year if we use wind energy instead of fossil fuels. Also, wind turbines work as a clean energy source and emit no waste products and greenhouse gases.

Load Cycles of Blades

On average, the blades of wind turbines have to rotate more than 100 million cycles in its life period of 20 to 25 years. Carbon fiber and hybrid reinforcements are combined to make the blades consistent in tough environmental conditions.

Wind Energy in the USA

Wind power is used to feed more than 20 million homes in America. In this way, wind energy is the biggest renewable energy source in the USA. The USA produces is the second largest wind energy producer after China.

Average Installation Cost of wind turbines

There are no charges for the generation of energy one the turbine is installed. The only cost is the installation cost. Due to this, the average cost of wind turbine installation is between 48,000 to 65,000 American dollars depending upon the size of the turbine.

Largest Wind Farms

The largest wind farm of the world is in Altamont Pass, the USA with 4,800 wind turbines. If we talk about India, the largest wind farm is located in Muppandal, Tamilnadu. This wind farm produces about 29% of India’s total wind energy.

We are using wind energy since ancient times

Earlier human civilizations have already utilized wind energy to do various things. They used to crush grains and pump waters by using wind energy. Now, we are doing the same but producing electricity with the help of wind power.

Wind turbines can be installed for local uses

The government of India and many other countries are making solar energy easily available for personal uses too. Some private companies are coming up with their efficient solar energy models to fee our houses with this energy.

Wind Turbine Components

Wind turbines appear to be simple structured. But, actually, a wind turbine may consist of 8000 different components. It makes them very complex machinery running with wind energy only.


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