Reality Of Renewable Energy

The Promise And Reality Of Renewable Energy

Renewable energy can promote a lot in the development of any country by saving our precious resources and the environment. We must be aware of all the steps that the government is taking to promote renewable energy. But, we must feel lucky that we are living in a country where the government is continuously discovering new ways to implement renewable energy sources. India is in the fourth position among the top wind-power producer countries in the world. The country is also committed to evolving new ways to grow the solar energy plants. The target of installing solar plants of 20 GW was achieved four years before the actual timeline in 2018. We are aiming for bigger targets now. We are going very well in this field as compared to many other countries. But, is it time to celebrate our achievement? Of course, no. We still have some areas where the people are living in the dark. Not only us, but many countries in the world are also facing this problem.

As a developing country, we should focus on our core development assets. Energy is one of the biggest development criteria. We should focus on giving this basic commodity on the most tolerable prices. The grid system has been reached almost everywhere. But, the electricity doesn’t. Or the charges are still high. The situation remains the same for some people who are living in remote areas. They have to cook their food by using biomass which emits harmful toxins when burnt. The main impact is on the earth and health. This leads to various health issues. The government should focus on providing LPG and Biofuels to every person in the country. It will help everyone to use the cleanest fuels for cooking.

If we talk about Renewable electricity sources, wind and solar power plants are the main areas of improvement. The government is aware of this too. But, still, there is a huge gap between the people and these energy sources. It could be because of unawareness or the installation costs. Still, there is a big bunch of people who do not want to go for these efficient energy sources. The government should aware of everyone about this. Also, these energy sources should be available easily.

It is time to look towards our environment and our resources. We should keep them safe and healthy for our future generations. If we keep doing the same things as earlier, we will ruin them very soon. This is a big challenge for highly populated countries like India. But it is not impossible either. By giving proper awareness about the effectiveness of renewable energy, everything could be improved. It is time to clean our climate and use natural energy sources in the most productive ways. Nature has given us resources to utilize not to waste. And their utilization of our facilities will be the most beneficial thing for us. But, to do this, we have to take steps for it.


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