Hybrid Renewable Energy Systems in India

Hybrid Renewable Energy Systems in India

With global warming and the continuous increase in demand for our natural sources of energy, there is a dire need to come up with some excellent renewable energy system in India. Diesel is being used in a huge volume in India by the telecom industry, Indian railways and Indian army leading to a huge amount of pollution, scarcity and rise in prices. Hybrid renewable energy systems in India are a relatively new concept but have exciting and promising benefits.

The Need of Hybrid Energy Systems

Hybrid energy systems are inclined towards providing customized power solutions according to the diverse needs of the customer. With the rise in demand for energy in houses and to run commercial and industrial sectors, there was a crucial energy deficit a few years ago. Wind energy and solar energy alone cannot fulfill the rising need for power. To fulfill the need for a reliable power source, hybrid energy systems were devised.

Better and Efficient Wind Turbines

These hybrid energy systems run on solar energy to provide power in the daytime and use wind energy to provide power in the night time. Having been able to supply continuous power to clients, there is a reduced power storage cost. Wind speeds are diverse in different regions of India. To extract the maximum benefits from these varying wind speeds, certain companies have devised 6 blades low cut in low RPM wind turbines which can work on 1.5 m/s wind speed also. A slight breeze of air also can now provide enough torque for the turbine to manufacture power. There are different wind turbine designs to suit the needs of different customers.

Hybrid Energy Systems

Hybrid renewable energy systems are slowly becoming the stand-alone power systems for providing energy in far-off areas. These technologies are particularly helpful in remote areas where there is a shortage of regular power supply. The rise in prices of petroleum products is also leading to the rise in demand for hybrid energy plants which run on two or more energy sources such as wind energy and solar energy to strike a balance in energy supply.

The latest hybrid energy system today can produce a reliable source of power for almost 24 hours. The latest design is built on foundationless towers with 6 blade wind turbines and solar panels. This technology is best suited for residential and industrial buildings. Hybrid energy can be provided in both On Grid and Off Grid modes.

Revayu Energy

Revayu Energy is a cleantech startup with a vision to provide a reliable and renewable source of energy which is also affordable. They provide energy 24×7 and their units come with easy installation procedures. Their systems hardly require any maintenance and help you increase your savings.


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