Solar Policy India

New Solar Policy gives a boost to India’s Energy Market

India ranks on 81st position in overall energy self-sufficiency at 66% as per 2014. India is the third country after China and USA in energy consumption which is 5.6% of the whole world’s energy consumption. India’s growth rate is increasing day by day but there are still some challenges which should be overcome by the government to speed up this growth more and more.

According to a recent study, India is the 4th highest emitter of Carbon Dioxide. India has a total share of 7% in CO2 emission in the whole world. Other countries like China, USA, and European Union which are on the top positions for the emission of CO2 have decided to opt for green and renewable energy.

Along with many other difficulties, India has this biggest hurdle standing in between its growth. To overcome this issue, Last month, India pledged to increase its solar power generation to 100 gigawatts by 2022. But, this big step is difficult to implement and to connect with the country’s grid.

Karnataka state comes up with an effective solution to this issue. In August, the KERC (Karnataka Electricity Regulatory Commission) eliminated grid power usage charges which were effective on solar power generators. This initiative will help to reduce the cost of energy and to provide great opportunities to provide affordable clean energy. This new regulation will provide final amounts without additional charges for solar installations and will help to provide clean energy to millions of people in India.

Effectiveness of this new Solar Energy Policy

KERC has made many changes in the charges, installations, and management of new solar energy establishments. The rates have been reduced a lot as compared to the past. Due to this, the big energy users are desiring to use this innovative technology too. The government needs to reduce the costs for big installations of renewable energy projects more if wants to spread this technology for every type of energy demands.

Elimination of the grid charges makes solar power more affordable and easy to access for everyone. Now, the Karnataka Government pledged to install 2000MW of new solar energy plants by 2022.

If we want our country to grow fast then the energy sources should be greenified. If we keep using traditional ways of creating the electricity then its effects on the environment will be worse. Like KERC, every state government should take these types of initiatives to promote clean sources of energy production.

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