Telecom Towers in India


Telecom Towers in India are witnessing a complete revolution with Revayu Energy installing wind turbines on top of the existing Telecom towers of Bharti Infratel.

Wind turbines provide cost-effective renewable energy solutions to telecommunication companies. Wind turbines are ideal ways to lower the costs of operating expenses associated with telecom towers in remote locations. These solutions are ideal for Telecom infrastructure providers dealing with telecom towers that are remote or off-grid and utilize unreliable or expensive energy sources.

Currently, such towers are powered by diesel generators which are viewed as bad for the environment and are extremely expensive to operate. Anywhere the power grid is unreliable, expensive or simply non-existent wind is an ideal renewable energy resource able to power these telecom towers and reduces their operating costs.

Wind Turbine On Telecom Tower Top Bharti Infratel.

Value Proposition for a Network Mobile Operator

Fully utilizing the existing site space and infrastructure.

Site Space in the tower not fully utilized.

A lightweight wind turbine can be used in the existing infrastructure, fully integrated into the site.

Easy to install.

Datacom with site controller.

OPEX Saver

Reduce up to 50% of the diesel consumption for existing remote rural sites, sometimes up to 100% of diesel (repeater sites)

Save O&M costs for diesel gen sites.



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