Advantages and Benefits of Hybrid LED Street light

Wind and Solar hybrid streetlight is an intelligent, small scale and off-grid LED street lighting system.

Our optimized PV gel batteries are featured with low self-discharge, good consistence on deep discharge, long cyclic life and low floating charge voltage and current free from erosion, pollution, gas escape and leakage and it allows to discharge deeply with wide temperature range from -40 to +60.

The controller can adjust output power to get longer operation time according to the actual capacity of battery.

The electricity generated from solar and wind charges batteries through street light controller.

The hybrid street light in combination of wind and solar is the energy resource which get stored into the batteries and utilizes the energy for the automated lighting system during the night.

In addition, its intelligent street light switch controller doesn’t require any human operation.

Therefore this Hybrid system enjoys great popularity and attention.

The Hybrid system maintenance is virtually free and there is no daily running cost because it is an off-grid system.


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