Solar Tree Installation

Solar Power Trees

Now a days with the growing population and energy demand we should take a renewable option of energy source and also we shouldkeep in mind that energy should not cause pollution and other natural hazards. In this case solar tree could be a good option. A solar tree is a decorative means of producing solar energy and also electricity.

It uses multiple numbers of solar panels which forms the shape of a tree. The panels are arranged in a tree fashion in a tall tower or a pole.

As we know trees are present in nature and they can produce their own food material by the process called PHOTOSYNTHESIS. It is the process by which the green plant collects energy from the sun and water present in the soil during the day time and can produce their own food material. By this process they are indirectly providing food to the human society because we are depending on the green plants for our food directly or indirectly.

Why solar tree is required:

It is the best option of renewable energy as it requires very less land area as compared to the conventional PV system. Now a days land is the costliest part for the people because of high population growth. So we require such an option that can generate maximum energy using minimum land. Solar tree can generate energy very effectively as compared to the conventional system.


Green energy hence no air pollution

People living in remote areas can have access to electricity.

It provides shade.

Land requirement is very less.

It is cost effective.

Revayu Energy has recently commissioned a Solar Tree for Bharti Infratel in Rajasthan near Udaipur. The solar tree has a capacity of 5.8 KV using 18 panels.


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